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Extracting Intel RST Drivers From Executable

Intel RST drivers

Reinstalling Windows on an Asus Tuf DASH F15 FX517ZR. From prior experience I knew I needed the Intel RST drivers. After fooling around on Intel’s website I could not find the usual zip archive of the drivers. Intel, as far as I can see, doesn’t offer the zip archive anymore. Maybe my Google-fu failed me today. However, according to Jocelyn M, an Intel Customer Support Technician, “There is no need to load the driver during Windows setup..” To that I say, Windows disagrees on this hardware.

You can download older versions if you know the Google-fu. I found a few websites claiming to have the version I want. I’ll pass on the sketchy websites, thanks though.

Intel has a switch to extract the drivers from the executable. Download the exe file and open a Terminal window in the directory you saved the file in, and run:

.\SetupRST.exe -extractdrivers C:\RSTdriver

Thanks to the Intel engineer who put this in. I appreciate it.

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